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"Our goals in the world have a common denominator: high precision mechanics"


This is the mission of Gariglio Meccanica srl ​​which has been operating for 50 years in the precision mechanics sector at the service of a select clientele in multiple industrial sectors.


In 1969, “R. Gariglio & C snc” was founded starting from an idea of ​​Renato Gariglio and his wife Alessandra Tabarrani: a company based on a handcrafted imprint aimed at building components and printing machines for the printing sector.

The high quality and the precision in the production, as well as the involvement of new workforce, have led the company to thrive in just over thirty years, especially as regards the size and above all the continuous development of the processes and of the production system as a whole.

In 1999, the R. Gariglio company became Gariglio Meccanica srl, a firm able to offer every type of solution in the processing and the supply of single mechanical materials and mechanical equipment that require high precision and quality.

Progressively and constantly growing, the company now can count on a production area of nearly 1. 200 square meters with a staff of about 25 people, including employees and associates. Thanks to the innovative drive provided by Roberto Amadei and Lara and Debora Gariglio in the last decade, it was possible to rationalize the production process with a reduction in the working time and with a consequent better cost management, without, however, renouncing the precision and quality of the final product which have always remained essential and fundamental prerequisites.

Today Gariglio Meccanica is a company that continues to thrive in search of new processing methods aimed at the different needs of the market and that is able to create any type of machinery for the most varied industrial sectors.

Its strengths are high quality, precision, versatility, high machinery technology and the involvement of the workforce, which have allowed the company to join the list of suppliers of the world leading companies in the most varied industrial sectors.

The continuous investment in highly technological equipment and machinery and in highly specialized human resources makes Gariglio Meccanica an efficient partner for all those companies that need a high quality product.


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The company is located in the industrial area of ​​Pianezza, just a few kms far from Turin.
Headquarter: 1,200 sq m approx
Production area: 1.000 square meters
Office area: about 180 square meters                           

The production area has been organized and divided into different work departments:

  • Goods reception area and raw and semi-finished goods warehouse

  • Cutting department

  • Turning department

  • Milling department

  • Grinding department

  • Assembly area

  • Control and testing department

  • Laser marking area

  • Warehouse, packaging and goods shipping area

la sede di gariglio meccanica


In a market which is increasingly oriented towards low-cost production, the real strength of Gariglio Meccanica is its human resources.

Our highly specialized staff allows us to provide competitive services for our partners. On-board programmer technicians work in self-control from programming the machine path to checking the dimensions at the end of their operation, monitoring the processing in every single phase and possibly changing speed and feedrate according to the progress of the processing itself.

The organizational and production structure of Gariglio Meccanica, characterized by great versatility and flexibility, is suitable for providing immediate and customized solutions according to the different requests of its customers.

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