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Gariglio Meccanica's activity is not limited to the processing of individual components, but is able to advise the customer from the very first preliminary study phases of the project.

Thanks to the experience gained in multiple sectors and relying on qualified external design studios, it can assist the customer in developing his idea from the preliminary project to the finished product.



Gariglio Meccanica is able to support the customer and direct his choices towards the best value for money both in all the services the company can offer in the pre and post-sales, and in the actual production phases. The skills of the technical office include, for instance, the choice of the type of material or which heat treatment to use, as well as advice regarding the processing method to apply.




Once received from the supplier, the material is subjected to a series of checks to verify compliance with the purchase order and is then stored in the warehouse. Given the constantly moving market and the need of its customers for interventions and processes at competitive prices but with short processing times, the availability of an area equipped as a warehouse for raw materials allows to satisfy particularly urgent processing and construction orders.





Gariglio Meccanica is able to supply the finished product complete with every heat and surface treatment with the support of serious and trusted qualified suppliers.



When the product is declared ready for shipment, the documents necessary for delivery and the packaging are prepared following any special requests from the customer, who may decide to come and collect the goods or have them delivered.




The services provided do not stop at the delivery of the finished product, but also continue in the post-sale phase, guaranteeing a punctual and timely intervention and assistance service even on machines that are already operating.



In industrial processes, where the overhaul of machinery already operating is necessary, Gariglio Meccanica can provide a continuous intervention and assistance service, guaranteeing the customer the continuity of the production flow and the constant quality of the product supplied.


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